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Password manager - passwords made simple.

parrot manager

passwords made simple

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A simple password manager with a modern interface, with ability to synchronize databases using SSH.

Supports Linux, Windows and Mac.


Upcoming features can be seen on the roadmap.


Binaries are available on the releases page.


open menu on mac installer for mac
listing of entries viewing an entry and history
database backups database backups
database backups entering password with hacker theme
hacker theme dark theme
settings with dark theme windows installer



Ubuntu / Debian

Download the latest deb file, to anywhere, and run the following command in the same directory; the file name may differ:

sudo dpkg -i parrot-manager.deb


Both an installer and stand-alone version are available.

For the stand-alone, just extract the executable to anywhere you desire, no installation process is required.


Download the latest pkg file, to anywhere, and

Other Platforms

Download the latest jar zip or tar archive, extract the jar file and run:

java -jar parrot-manager.jar

File name may differ and no installation process is required, as the JAR is standalone.


This project is open to contributions.

Donations can be sent to: